A dream realized.

Patrick and I had the hilarious, completely naive thought that we could knock out the launch of his new book while I was on maternity leave. #FirstTimeParents

The reality was taking care of an adorable infant who didn't sleep through the night until 13 months old, while also moving to a new home, and starting a new job, got a *little* in the way of our proposed book launch.

Spring ahead FOUR YEARS, and with Lucie in preschool we finally have a minute to try to get this goooooo-ing!

It's all very exciting, and we're grateful for your support as we bring this dream to life.


  • Marcy

    I love this book’s story of “finding the joy of family love”. I ordered 10 copies…for my girlfriend’s grandchildren and I donated copies to a local nonprofit that helps grandchildren being raised by their grandparents/kin. They loved it! 😍

  • Jack and Kate Donnelly

    Proud parents. We are bursting with parental pride!

    Jack and Kate

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