Ren Burke - Illustrator

Based in Fort Collins, CO since 1993, Ren Burke has been creating colorfully playful artwork for as long as she can remember. With painting and drawing as her primary media, she is also a printmaker and sculptor. Regardless of the medium, the natural world has always found its way into her art and is a central theme.

In addition to her studio creations, Ren is a muralist and public artist. Her work has been shown in local and national gallery exhibitions since 1998. She is currently represented by Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins and Skol Gallery in Ouray, CO.

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"I'm so pleased to be part of "Where the Wind Blows"! This story and its message of self-discovery was a delight to illustrate. I would hope that kids will see themselves in the pages and be inspired to reach their unique potential."