About Us

Mission Statement

Buzzardtown Books is a family run business focused on sharing fun and engaging stories about the natural world and our connection with it.

Buzzardtown Books aims to teach children of all ages to connect, appreciate, and respect the world we live in. We aim to help teach them to explore and experience the wonders that surround them. 

"Go out and get your hands dirty.”

What is Buzzardtown?

Buzzardtown Books is a project from author Patrick Donnelly and family to share stories of our natural world with children of all ages. Patrick grew up on a small subsistence farm in the Appalachian Mountains of Western Pennsylvania, called Buzzardtown by locals. 

"The Garden spot of the world!" - John Donnelly

He was raised by his parents John and Kathleen, both English teachers who had summers off to work the small farm and explore nature. Days were filled with hard work, good food, and being outside all day long.

Buzzardtown was a huge outdoor playground for Patrick and his brother Sean to grow and develop an appreciation for nature. Surrounded by 80 acres of hardwood forest, the two boys spent their days working and playing in the woods surrounding Buzzardtown. They learned about the flora and fauna that created their environment from their father and how to utilize what Mother Nature had to offer from their mother.  

In a nutshell, Buzzardtown is a metaphor for the mind, a special place to call home. We all have places where we feel connected with nature.

Where is your Buzzardtown?