Special Thanks

We wanted to give special thanks to several people who helped make our first book possible.

First and foremost, huge thanks to Jim Whitlock of ProVision Graphics and The StoryWall Company. Jim (aka. Jaime's dad) provided guidance on book sizing, designed the book layout, created print-ready files, and hooked us up with a trade-printer who delivered gorgeous high-definition books we are very proud of. Thank you Dad - as always, you are our super-fan AND consummate professional.

The Whitlock and Donnelly family, Marcy Whitlock and Kate & Jack Donnelly, thank you for your emotional and literal support over the years (especially helping watch Lu so we could get this done)! Everything we do, we do for our family, and you taught us that.

Jon Aguilera, graphic designer extraordinaire, thank you for designing our super-fun brand for Buzzardtown Books! Feels like a decade ago that we knocked this out, but love it just as much today as back then.

Christy Hartman, thank you for proofreading our book!

Jafe Parsons, thank you for shooting the digital images of Ren Burke's beautiful painted illustrations.

And last on the list, but first in our hearts… our Lucie Dae. In this effort we hope we have shown you the power of family, community, prioritization, and persistence in the pursuit of your dreams.

You are the brightest star in the constellation sweet girl. Know that wherever you roam, your Mama and Dada love you forever.